Taste the Exotic

Bring Home a Bit of Paradise


‘Ohana Nui aspires to capture the essence and spirit of Hawai‘i in our products, raising awareness and instilling a sense of the unique culture and experience of the Islands

We source and highlight local ingredients in all of our products. As a result, ‘Ohana Nui products will become cherished gifts, especially for visitors to remember their visit to the Hawaiian Islands and to share with friends back home.

Our debut cookies are made from macadamia nuts grown on the Big Island and other local all-natural ingredients including Kona coffee and traditional Li Hing Mui. They contain no preservatives or artificial substances.

Our package designs are inspired by local locations and art of the Hawaiian Islands, again to inspire a greater sense of the Hawaiian experience.

A portion of all sales goes to Hawaii Marine Animal Response, an organization dedicated to the preservation, recovery and stewardship of Hawaii’s protected marine species and ecosystem.